Ted’s essays

I’m back in the fight

My absence has been from seeing the two sides so firm in their convictions there was nothing I could say, do, expose, or explain to effect any change. One of the best snapshots I get into The Other Side is our weekly extended family Zoom Meeting. One of the more successful brothers answered my wife’s anti-vaxx statement with, “There are two sides to that issue”. He is absolutely correct. On the one side we have people who have looked into, considered both sides. On the other are those who trust the wrong people to have done the research for them, ignoring anyone or anything that challenges their convictions. I am quite certain an open-minded person capable of reading English […]

Who has my back?

A friend who rarely goes out unarmed was relating the attitude expressed by some in a hiking group of hers. Me, carry a defensive weapon??? Why should I, Jane has my back? (not her name) The question then becomes who has Jane’s back? Many of us are defensively armed for more than personal preservation. It is a civic duty, and obligation we feel for our community – both large and small. Could I watch a handful of thugs beat somebody to death? … and live with myself??? I know the answer is a lifetime of nightmares and recriminations about what I should have done. Yet I have no hopes of ever becoming a martial arts master … other than […]

computer back-oops

I had a couple careers in computer operations and office automation. I know more than a little about preserving electronic data. Therefore I have multiple back-ups of my important files. I don’t do it as often as I should, but intend to at least monthly. I save files from my most active computer onto two USB backup drives and onto my backup computer. If you are counting, that is four copies of every file I deem worth preserving. With my mind working on a couple other things I copied my most treasured files onto one of the backup drives. Well, actually that is what I meant to do. Since this is a process I have been doing FOREVER I really […]

reloading bench back in business

My reloading bench ran its first set of test loads in the new homestead. Getting it operational tends to be well below the CRITICAL and Urgent level activities. However it sure is nice to get there. My reloading skills exceed my shooting abilities, but I work to achieve the best mechanical accuracy to minimize the inaccuracies that arrive when my finger starts dancing on the trigger. My first two batches of load test firings were not as careful as the third one, but all suffer from eyes that cannot focus very well on both the near sights and far targets simultaneously. Lately my eyes have also been watering quite a bit which compounded the problem. The final caveat is my […]

take a step back

A touch of the philosophical is good for the brain. I share this here so I may come back and ponder it from time to time. So far I keep up with the thoughts until the last few lines. I think I need to work it over until I either understand or reject that last bit. The link, by the way, takes you to one of the next-generation social media platforms that have evolved in response to the dark-forces takeover and evil application of the more popular ones. We were hoping the geeks would recognize the problem and use their specialties in creation of alternatives. They have. Now we just have to migrate to them. – Ted Live in Truth, […]

I’m back

I am sorry for the dearth of posts in the last several days. For the second time in my life, I changed webhosts. Though this was much better than the last one, it was not easy for one who really does not speak the language. I am not quite done with the process, but very close. One thing I think you might notice is the speed. I’ll talk more about my new host when the dust settles. I think I will be giving them a rave review and suggesting them for anyone needing a host. But only after the dust of construction settles down.

my website back under control

I finally took the time to update this website’s theme (the form or skin the information I put up here takes). It is a whole lot easier than writing the actual computer language code, but there are still plenty of things that have to be figured out and put up exactly as the designers of the various pieces require. Happily, I got most of what I want DONE (80/20). I could polish the apple for hours or days on end, but have other things I wanna get on to. Ta Ta For Now.

logger back

It has been weeks since I had any back pain or sciatica symptoms. After just over a year of those two severely limiting my mobility and abilities, this is very good news indeed. Chief among the good parts is feeling healthy, strong and able to do whatever I want to get done. Way down the list, but still there is the validation of my choices in treatments. The links that follow here are some of the milestones I blogged about in the 13 months I spent from initial overdoing-it injury to the point I felt healthy and ready to report to work. I am compiling and posting this as a reminder to self – for reasons that will become clear […]

back off

A year ago I overdid it with proper lifting techniques. I taught lifting classes at Hewlett Packard so my staff wouldn’t hurt themselves tossing 40-pound paper boxes. I had some great models and training. I know how to do it right. But I’m too dang stupid to only do the right amount. I am, however, smart enough to learn from others’ experiences. I listened to my body and responded accordingly. Regular massage when it was dictated and chiropractic as appropriate. Mostly I listened to the pain signals and did or didn’t do as ordered. I’m not done yet, but am tons better than I was a year ago… and on the road to as good as a guy my age […]

monkey still on my back

I continue to get better, but I have to keep testing to see how much. In back off July 6th I described how I damaged my back the end of May pulling up 200′ of fence posts and 20′ of young willow trees with my bare hands GRRRRRR! No, I wasn’t in a macho mood or anything, just… uh … Well, not acting my age, for sure. I updated the saga with Rx – phase III August 21st, starting to add massage therapy to my prescription of just not abusing it for six months according to a surgeon friend of mine. This IS working. I am definitely improving … rapidly, assuming a six-month schedule, but not nearly fast enough for […]

back off

I way overdid it almost two weeks ago. Saturday I pulled up 200-feet of wooden fence posts, being careful to keep my back straight so I wouldn’t injure it. Sunday I pulled out a bunch of little willow trees that were trying to turn our grassy river beach into a willow thicket. Again, I was careful to keep my back straight, but it got REALLY TIRED before I ran out of willows to pull. I quit when I couldn’t get it to take any more. In retrospect, I should have quit much, much sooner… some suggest that before I started would have been about right. I have been mostly lame ever since. Though I almost NEVER use any drugs, I […]

almost back

I’m sorry for the long dry spell. I now have a new home in Conner Montana. I now have a new computer that has functional wireless. I have a new Internet service provider via cell phone towers. I can barely go online without being kicked back off by poor signals. I will be buying a signal booster on Tuesday. Posting should resume shortly thereafter.