Ted’s essays

touring the neighborhood

I did not have much of a choice.

I was left home alone.

I had to practice more with my new-to-me motorcycle.

The weather was gorgeous.

My neighborhood is perfect.

(People come here from all over the world to drink from the fountain of natural beauty in Montana’s Bitterroot)

I know of several lightly-traveled, low-speed roads that are just right for a bike that likes to cruise in the 40-50 mile-per-hour range and a returning motorcycle pilot that is right there in his comfort zone.

I have to reconnect those biker synapses muscle memories in my crusty old brain.

The top right photo looks at the Bitterroot Mountain Range from its foothills.

Next on the right is The Bitterroot River near spring high-water with one of the ever-present fly fishing rafts that are as popular on the water this time of year as motorcycles are on the highway.

This picture was taken at the Wally Crawford fishing access site.

Each photo includes my 2012 Suzuki DR Z400S with under 1,000 miles on it. Other lovers of this bike call my $1,000 purchase, “the deal of the century”… the proverbial ‘barn find’.

So far, so good.

The third shot (below) is nearby Lake Como, nearly full this time of year, from the primary boat ramp.

As you can see, it is nice around here.

Definitely a Big Sky Country kind of day.