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47 computer and laser years

I was a US Air Force computer operator in 1970, running state-of-the-art commercial computers at a time most people had never seen any computer and had no idea what they did or how.

The picture on the right has mostly peripheral equipment with the RCA 301 computer being the big box in the center against the wall. In the systems that I operated, that box had 17K (17,000 characters) of core storage.

By comparison, today you can buy an Arduino Micro with 32K (about double) of flash memory and A BUNCH MORE computing power for $19.80 … or about $1.80 in 1970 dollars.

Yesterday I posted computers circa 1970 because at the same time I was an Air Force computer operator, my two roommates were USAF Security Policemen.

One evening they told me of an unusual assignment where they were preventing access to a long, straight stretch of road on Hill Air Force Base for testing of a secret or top-secret laser weapon. Being young and dumb, it didn’t mean anything to me.

Today that memory (those memories) came back as relevant.

Just as computers have changed dramatically in 47 years, so have laser weapons. The Air Force, Navy, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), CIA and other agencies, amazingly including partnerships with THE RUSSIANS, have spent gobs of our money on laser weapons research.

Thanks to some REALLY ODD fire behavior in my old home town of Santa Rosa, I have been introduced to Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).

While this doesn’t answer the “who would do this” question, it certainly satisfies my pondering the “how”. That is to say that the freaky nature of the Santa Rosa fires have known technology explaining one possible, perhaps the most likely source.

Because the possibility is so outlandish, this article from yesterday focuses on trusting your own senses.

first see

The day before I shared information about the fire itself and its extremely odd behavior. Perhaps I should have published them in the opposite order, but yesterday’s was a response to the extreme information of the first one.

Santa Rosa firestorm

While my view is definitely in the minority, I am certainly in good company … lots of it.

Google (YouTube), Facebook, Twitter and other high-powered insiders are working to squash independent reporting. So far, the Internet is our friend.

Enjoy our current [temporary?] window into the dark side of the deep state.

Get a good feel for what they are capable of.

They will not stop voluntarily.

Force is the only thing they understand.