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in the gutter

gutter cleaning 1000xThis spring break in January has allowed a number of outside projects to be completed either in much nicer weather than anticipated or months before I would have been willing/able.

Today I got to do the official, permanent (by trailer park standards) firewood shelter. It came together very well using scrap and scrounged material without a single red cent out of pocket.

Better still, Missy and I are very pleased with the results – both in esthetics and function.

gutter cleaning standing 1000xHowever, while admiring my work she noticed the rain gutters overflowing with leaves, twigs and pine needles.

Well, we probably won’t get a nicer day to do it for a couple of months.

She cleaned out the gutters and I cleaned up the mess.

Better her than me up on the roof. Heights are not my friend.

Not that she loves them, but lookie there, she got comfortable enough to stand up doing the job towards the end of the project. I never would have risen off my belly with one hand clawing the shingles. 😉

I’ll have to post a photo of the wood storage later. By the time I got the mess cleaned up, light had dimmed below photogenic levels.