Ted’s essays

3 second attention span

Even a normal toddler can focus for a whole minute, or several minutes even on a single, natural occurrence. Something really fascinating like a butterfly, flower or dog can keep their attention on that single object for several minutes.

This can be, and quite often is “FIXED” … at all ages.

I was out tonight giving my puppy outdoor playtime before bed. I happened to see a television running in a well-lit room some 20-30 meters away. From that distance one can quickly see the big picture – the details and sound don’t cloud the view.

BAM-BAM-BAM the scene changes every 2 to 3 seconds. FLASH-FLASH-FLASH this brightly colored screen keeps eyes on the movement and mind from considering ANYTHING. No time to analyze, speculate, imagine, project, or think about it, the whole show just pours in through an open pathway straight to the brain.

This is a terrible unsettling of natural behavior.

Being thoughtful involves the process of thinking. The three-second attention span precludes that.

Unthinking masses keep the ruling elite safe.

Nearly all of our media is in 6 hands.

None of that is coincidental.

Watch your television from 30 meters away next time.

Think about it.