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223 Day

223-heaven.jpgIn an e-mail, a friend asked me how I was going to celebrate
223 Day.

Holey smokes! I hadn’t put THAT particular piece of information in proper perspective. The moment I read it, the numerical representation of Saturday’s date jumped right out at me.

First, to fully appreciate it, you have to realize that .223 is the most popular rifle caliber sold today. Nearly all of the AR-15s that have in recent years churned out the doors of every major rifle manufacturer in the USA are chambered for .223 (or its nearly-interchangeable relative 5.56 Nato). This is also the same rifle that is The Enemy of The State and all such rifles, and components of them, are nowdays sold out for months in advance… same one that is at the top of the fascist ban lists… same caliber THEY are stocking up with.

The second bit of symetrical poetry is that day will see pro-gun rallies at every state house in the nation … with .223-chambered AR-15s being the open-carried rifle of choice.

The event:
Caravans from as far away as Moscow, Idaho Falls and Payette will caravan to the Capitol on February 23rd to celebrate the 2nd Amendment and participate in the largest pro-gun rally in Idaho’s history as The Day of Resistance Rally the and Armed Women Are Safer Rally.

It all comes together in the Rotunda of the Idaho State Capitol at Noon on Saturday, February 23rd. Sponsored by Gun Rights Across Idaho and Idaho Carry, Open & Concealed, the focus of this event will be to create a backfire against the Obama Gun Grab and to support pro-gun legislation being introduced this year in our state!

the-tart-6x3My plan of open-carrying my trophy-wife, gussied-up, match-tuned M1 Garand that I call “The Tart” just crashed on the rocks of National 223 Day.