Ted’s essays

My turn for a setback …

Thursday, June 13, 2024 I rode my 2011 BMW (Jack of all trades utility bike) F650 GS to The Motorcycle Garage delivering “Jack” in for his 12,000 mile service intending to ride around some, then home on my vintage BMW R90/6 who had been ‘looked over’ by those shop mechanics.. The 1976 was not running or riding well. I filled up the tank with fresh 91 fuel to eliminate petcock setting errors or old gas syndrome. Suspicious of a brake malfunction, I did a ‘left hand pyrometer check’ finding reasonably warm rear drum and WAY TOO HOT TO GET NEAR front rotor. I proceeded to make stupid mistake #1: I rode out of the gas station. As front disk fought […]

salad success

I increased my gardening this year – adding some frost protection to get my greens growing outdoors before ‘all danger of frost has passed’. They are rewarding me with some great looking salad… bok choi, lettuce, spinach and peas are all looking good. There were some casualties, but you cannot learn to garden without some lessons here and there.