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Updated 2023 Class Schedule

With or without my assistance, the text book is a good thing to read through in addition to online study. The textbook and my classes are intended to help you understand amateur radio as well as pass your Technician exam. https://hamstudy.org/ My favorite online exam preparation tool is HamStudy.org I highly recommend using their Study Mode and clicking on their tab to understand the WHY of each correct answer. This is the premier tool when the focus is to “study for the test”. Use their Test Mode rarely to get a snapshot of your progress towards passing the upcoming exam. This Internet site has also been the favorite of all my students. Use their TEST MODE rarely. It will cement […]

Was the grasshopper correct?

I have lived ant’s part in the fable of the ant and the grasshopper while over thirty years ago my ex roommate, best friend, and one who cared deeply about my well-being advised wholeheartedly that I would be much happier and better off if I quit even thinking about The Deep State and ugly side of the world around us. That is over 11,000 days he spent power boating, traveling, watching pro sports with friends, believing in an honorable media, living in a pleasant, unconcerned leisure class while I kept my nose to the grindstone, squirreled my nuts away, researching, working, and railing against the evil elites. As my, our enemies come down home stretch on their nefarious Agenda […]

9 week Darby ham class begins Saturday 10/14

I gave it a three year rest for demand to build up. Tomorrow I begin another of my class series to help local people gain their FCC amateur radio operator technician licenses. It is quite a commitment on their parts as well as mine. We will spend a couple hours of every Saturday now through December 9th building in them the knowledge necessary to become licensed, and competent radio operators. Darby Adult Ed does the heavy lifting for me by mailing fliers out to every resident in the area. That shaking of the bushes got enough interest to make the class worthwhile for their program and for me as an instructor. Our community and their neighborhoods gain a few […]

October 4th noon-2:00 pm, avoid all Emergency Broadcasts

I published the information below on September 21st as advanced warning. Today, the threat is TOMORROW! This is a reminder. Shut down anything receiving radio wave signals from the Emergency Broadcast System (EBC) during the hours of noon to 2:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time. In some cases you may want to place hackable radio receivers such as cell phones into Faraday Cages to completely shut down any possibility they could emit potentially dangerous signals… break out the tinfoil 😉 … actually a simple cookie tin for your cell phone will work fine. You can test by calling your cell phone to confirm it is not receiving. https://www.livescience.com/what-is-a-faraday-cage https://science.howstuffworks.com/faraday-cage.htm https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/how-to-make-your-own-faraday-cage Below is my previously published alert. The video below is an […]