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understanding money

In a free world adults work for what they need that they and their family may thrive. A modern healthy society has exchange systems so one person’s strengths may be traded with what others produce to barter or sell. In our case grown-ups earn money that buys necessities and pleasures. Two kinds of people spend others’ money, politicians and children. Both require supervision. When I was young we all grew up understanding that we received the food, shelter and clothing our parents deemed necessary to our survival. Anything we wanted beyond that came from our own efforts, our own earnings, and our own savings. Whining and begging was ignored or rebuked. We grew with what worked. The resulting society was […]

kicking the hornet’s nest

Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined. — Patrick Henry A good friend and fellow practical philosopher has been regularly telling me over the last few years that It has to break in order to fix the myriad messes that have evolved in our current world human societies. Over the years others who I share mutual respect with have tried to get me into that frame of reference. But that has always been too much for me to accept. I have spent a great deal of myself over the last two decades working to avert exactly […]

Bitterroot Community Band

— This is a summer-series concert band open to anyone who wants to play their band instruments. We play high school level charts at various free-to-the-public gigs around the Bitterroot. — I encourage you to print one of these schedules for your bulletin board [and another one or two for public bulletin boards.] 2019 Summer Schedule .pdf

census cometh

This morning I found tracks from the US Census Bureau checking me out online. Here we go again. That Big Brother has my whole life on file already won’t stop them from DEMANDING I answer four pages of questions for the 2020 census. They remain ever hopeful of finding some juicy tidbit heretofore overlooked. I had to go back to IdahoLiberty.com to find the saga of my interactions with them last round. It might be coming up again for me … or thee. Prepare thyself. Below is a link to my original post, an exact copy of it, and at the bottom, a link to my follow up post. found my line By Ted, on September 21st, 2010 Many of […]

welcome New Hams

The After Action Report from the Volunteer Examiner session of May 25, 2019 in Hamilton Montana: “We had a big test session last Saturday. Looks like our team proctored 19 candidates. The final tally: 8 new Techs 7 new Generals 1 new Extra” The last Technician license issued Thursday for Region 7: KJ7GXA With average issues running around 10/day, the graduates’ licenses will be sequentially KJ7GX[B-Z] , or KJ7GY[A-Z]. Poring over yesterday’s list I found two ISSUED General class licenses. The information I passed on about those coming from a different call sign pool was apparently incorrect. I was also misinformed about available dates on vanity call signs. One I had my eye on that was expected to be available […]