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radio communicating options

Handy in many situations, radio communications can be life saving when phones and Internet are down or out of reach. This 2-hour overview covers walkie-talkies across the yard to ham radios around the world. What radios should you have for emergencies? What do they cost? What do they do? How can you be sure they will be available when you really need them? Regular, non-technical people become Ham radio operators all the time. Should you? If so, how? I am offering one of the classes on the calendar for the Darby Adult Education Spring 2016 session. Darby School District Adult Education The class currently has 5 people signed up. It will be canceled if there are not 7 or more. […]


As I mentioned last week, I ordered in a good training rifle. The Weihrauch HW77K arrived yesterday. It is even better in-the-flesh than it was in theory. The heft is that of a real adult rifle, in fact more weight than a whole lot of hunting and defense rifles. I will call it just about right. Reading the specs of – Overall Length 39.7″, Barrel Length 14.6″, Weight 8.7 lbs – is not quite the same as hefting and shooting it. HW77K feels comfortably solid, well-built, and well balanced. And shoot it does. I was initially disappointed it did not have the standard 10-meter peep front and rear that makes 3 concentric circles out of the rear sight, front sight […]

practice rifle

Weihrauch HW77K I got around to picking up a GREAT training tool, not to mention something fun to do when weather makes outdoor shooting less fun. BONUS: good pellets are very inexpensive to shoot. According to Weihrauch: Internationally recognized for its outstanding field accuracy, the classic HW77 is the most successful under lever spring-piston sport rifle ever made. Complete with adjustable open sights and the well-known Rekord trigger. Model HW77177, Caliber .177, Overall Length 39.7″, Barrel Length 14.6″, Weight 8.7 lbs, Velocity up to 950 fps Note: velocity will vary depending on pellet selection. According to Airguns of Arizona, this is a bargain in 10-meter air rifles. It will hit the 10-meter 10-ring (the thickness of a pencil lead) every […]

post card from Conner

It has been a while since I put one of these up. One might guess I’d stopped appreciating the beauty of where we live. That would be a bad guess. It is lovely here and I know it. I took my camera out to capture a photo of the broken ice. When I zoomed in to frame it the way I wanted, one of the American Dippers who lives in OUR RIVER was in the frame! That precipitated numerous shots, a few of which came out well. […]

my website back under control

I finally took the time to update this website’s theme (the form or skin the information I put up here takes). It is a whole lot easier than writing the actual computer language code, but there are still plenty of things that have to be figured out and put up exactly as the designers of the various pieces require. Happily, I got most of what I want DONE (80/20). I could polish the apple for hours or days on end, but have other things I wanna get on to. Ta Ta For Now.