Ted’s essays

Zeus testing us

Last night an electrical storm rolled over us. One really big flash woke me up, followed by a major thunderclap a second later. There was no electricity in our house immediately thereafter. Still no juice at 0600 this morning. Think: “Good thing today is among the longest days of the year. Sunlight sure is convenient”. No water from mutual water system confirms it is not just our home being affected and serves as reminder that there is no conserving the water pressure like we could if we were alone on the pressure tank. Slide a stool in front of the refrigerator door so we don’t forget to keep it closed. Turn the off-grid 2-meter ham radio on to scan. No […]

home-made motorcycle cover

At the beginning of the month I got an offer I couldn’t refuse on a BMW motorcycle. It was a brand and style I’ve been dreaming about for lots of years, but at a price I’ve never seen the likes of. I thought I could widen the entrance and reorganize our ‘sally port’ to park it under a cover. That didn’t work out. Plan B was an all weather motorcycle cover. I didn’t really want to spend the bucks … well, at least not right away. So I bought the better quality tarp offered by our local hardware and building-supply store. I tied it on with bailing twine, figuring that would get me by for months. That became tedious getting […]

gout out

A decade or so ago I had a bout with gout. One big toe was so sensitive I couldn’t have a sheet touch it going to bed. There is no forgetting you hurt. It is highly crippling and inspires serious efforts to find a cure. A nurse-practitioner decided my pain was gout, wrote a prescription and sent me off. I filled the prescription, but read about the drug online before taking it. Holey smokes! If you value your internal organs, you won’t take this stuff. So I didn’t. Instead, I studied gout online. As you know, there are lots of opinions online regarding just about anything imaginable. Gout is no exception. But there is art to processing information and, as […]

new PatchWorks designs

We are getting the hang of our new business, but still have a long ways to go. I am also getting the hang of my new motorcycle, but there too have a long ways to go. I went over the hill to North Fork mostly to practice cornering. On my first trip, I chatted with one of the shopkeepers about doing some machine embroidery for them. This was my second practice session and second visit to The Village at North Fork. One of the two designs I was asked to try for them was “The River of No Return”. I did not do the simple one they had on a sticker, but chose to do it my way – that […]

Californicating Conner

lane above the right bank must be expanded to handle 21,000 dump truck loadsMike Parkinson has applied with DEQ for an open cut gravel mining pit on the Trinity Ranch property. The main access road will be the one that connects to Shigley Lane – the one lane dirt road leading by the mobile home park, along the East Fork of the Bitterroot River and exiting at the Conner Post Office, Store and Bar. Parkinson, who visits a couple of times a year from his home in the hills overlooking Los Angeles, did not notify any of the residents or landowners who would be receiving the dust and noise from this major quarry and trucking operation. His initial request is […]

oops, missed the turn ;)

quick trip to the bank … via the lake

emergency radio cards

Assuming that phones and Internet will work unfailingly forever is extraordinarily popular. This is despite the fact everyone knows they don’t, can’t and won’t. Worse, they will fail when everyone most wants information on what is going on and wants to share information on their needs and situations. I recognize this better than most. While to me the need for a radio-based communication network seems obvious, it obviously isn’t. Planning and preparing for the uninterested is challenging, but I’m up to the challenge. Here you have the best tool I’ve heard of. I made up this graphic intended to be printed two-sided on cardstock, cut into fourths and shared with people who might store it near or with their radio. […]

looming death of the free press

The free press has always been totalitarian’s worst enemy. The current ruling elite, globalists, Bilderberger Group, whatever you want to call them, printed themselves near unlimited money, bought nearly all the media and pretty-much had it all figured out. But the Internet. They have tried numerous ploys to no avail. Screams that the Internet produced pedophilia, terrorism, stalking, financial instability, anarchy … whatever boogie men they could come up with, but each and every time, the real free press beat the rulers back. They have huge troll teams of “civil servants” polluting the data online, but experienced, intelligent, thoughtful people develop a sense for the truth. Well, even average people can do it with a little practice. Better yet, a […]

fell off the wagon

I strayed. I behaved so well for so long. I suppose it was inevitable. Nobody could keep it up forever. I spent May 29th as a 97%-er. I worked like the dickens for political solutions. I pulled The Libertarian Party of Idaho out of the dark corner in a Boise pub and into a world with a growing number of enthusiastic activists… only to find myself dragging the rowboat across the desert while people jumped on board to cheer me on. I ran for governor of Idaho twice, comported myself very well on state-wide televised debate… to get about 6,000 votes or roughly the same as Marvin Pro Life who ranted at the audience that they were all going to […]