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Bitterroot Beemer Biker

I can hardly believe I did it. My resistance to powerful motorcycle lust weakened sufficiently to put me back on two wheels after a 39-year hiatus. Precious few activities even come close to the physical poetry, artistry, ballet of driving a nice bike. I do have a weakness for sweeping the curves with excessive libertarian joy in darn-near anything I drive, but way-moreso on bikes. I haven’t been able to justify ownership, nor allow myself the temptation to enjoy a sport-bike or sport-touring-bike in the way they were designed to be loved. This gem to the right broke all that down yesterday. A 2002 BMW R1150RS for $2,500 was in the price range of bikes I’d been daydreaming of for […]

The Beast

Yesterday – all day – We went to Helena and fetched back The Beast Yes – I gave up my lovely, lithe, cherished, agile 2007 GMC Sierra 4×4 with its sweet V-6 and silky 5-speed gearbox FOR THIS… well, and the darling little, rock-solid ’82 Mercedes 240D. My pickup was spending 95% of its time doing a fair job of transporting Me or Us, and once in a while wishing it could transport two more passengers. Only once in a while did it do TRUCK STUFF.