Ted’s essays

winter finally resumed

It has been a long Spring season through much of January and February. It started making me feel I should be planting some annuals. But Winter finally returned with some genuine snow and moderately cold weather. The good news is that cute cabin over there with the lovely view of snow covered ground set off by the Bitterroot River running by my window. I’ve never had it better. I also got some exercise … quiet, peaceful, meaningful I think it was 3-4 inches of nice powder. I do miss the concrete I had in Grangeville. Shoveling snow off gravel is harder work. I also noticed that none of my neighbors have parking lots. They park directly off the lane, having […]

fixing bad dreams

I understand the dream state of sleep, also known as REM or rapid-eye-movement sleep, to come when we have had enough deep sleep. It is no less important, but we can get by without it if necessary. I have outgrown giving great meaning to my dreams… it’s just your mind doing random exercises like running down trails in the woods. This one occasionally shows up where I have to drive an incredibly steep bridge that gets steeper as I go up until it is almost impossibly straight up. I was quite surprised recently to find that something like it actually exists: the River Island Bridge in Japan. I think I won’t go there. I mean, it would be tempting fate […]