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logger back

It has been weeks since I had any back pain or sciatica symptoms. After just over a year of those two severely limiting my mobility and abilities, this is very good news indeed. Chief among the good parts is feeling healthy, strong and able to do whatever I want to get done. Way down the list, but still there is the validation of my choices in treatments. The links that follow here are some of the milestones I blogged about in the 13 months I spent from initial overdoing-it injury to the point I felt healthy and ready to report to work. I am compiling and posting this as a reminder to self – for reasons that will become clear […]

new theme

WordPress calls them “themes”, but in classes I teach on website-building I often refer to them as “skins”. The templets that control how a blog website looks and functions are built by programmers who greatly simplify publishing, but severely limit what you can do with them … that is, without building your own skins. I haven’t wanted to learn that language. I am getting by just fine publishing, building websites for myself and building for others without adding that level of complexity to my life. BUT I really haven’t been perfectly content with the themes I have found. I REALLY LIKE the ones I am using at Bitterroot Bugle.com, Idaho Liberty. com and Ted Dunlap.net. The problem is the developers […]

flippin’ bergers – part 1

All I have used in my .308 are target bullets and target ammunition. I wanted something in this versatile rifle that could actually DO SOMETHING. From my reading, Berger’s 175 OTM Tactical is a great hunting round. So I aim to find out. I loaded up 3 each in 3-grain increments from 42.8 grains up to 44.9 grains of Varget… hand-weighed powder charges, of course. While my reading led me to think the 44.0 load would be the cat’s pajamas, my rifle definitely prefers 43.7 – as you can see. Keep in mind that These holes were punched from 200 yards away. Most of us would be pleased with this as our 100-yard group. It measures 1 1/2 inches from […]


100 and 200 yard targetsMy low-rent Romanian AK47 had an awful trigger that was like a pointy stick dragging across broken pavement. Worse, every shot fired would reset the trigger with a smart SLAP on your trigger finger. Not too many shots downrange before anyone and everyone had enough. Today was its first outing with a new trigger. No slap. Hooray! Smooth too. Way Cool! It has very little takeup against a light spring, a little tension for just a skosh farther, then BOOM. Perhaps breaking around 2 pounds, though I didn’t measure it. While a very nice, welcome change, it does take some getting used to. It is quite different from the 4.5-pound 2-stage AR-15 or 6-pound handgun triggers […]

The Day Before

Studying history with knowledge of the elite banking families in mind; with an understanding of the role The Bilderberg Group plays in it, and watching events unfold from sources outside their mainstream media leads prudent people to preparation for dramatic change in our world. That is commonly known as TEOTWAWKI – the end of the world as we know it. The psychopaths in charge include a disproportionate number of satanists (web-search “Bohemian Grove”) and numerologists. Their symbols and number games recur in major historical events not because of their cosmic correctness, but because the people causing those events to take place believe in this stuff and actually enjoy making them play out. On July 4th I published this link to […]

river hangout

The river has come down a foot or so and we are a month older than pictured here, but it’s the photo I have available for this thought. I just opened the windows to let the evening cool take the temperature down in the house. Mid-morning tomorrow it will be rising to 70 degrees outside while indoors has cooled to that temperature. That’s when we close the windows. At this moment we are just under 80 inside and 68 outside. That is Bitterroot Montana air conditioning. Off grid. No electricity needed. The real beautiful part is the sound as I open the windows. A river running by. Oh yeah, a vehicle on the highway every few minutes at this time […]

take a hike

Lest I be accused of failing to stop and smell the roses…. We live in a lovely vacation paradise, so it is easy to just STAY here and enjoy the nature in our own back yard. But we took a break that I share here with you. […]

first car

I bought Mom’s ’50 Plymouth from Dad when he upgraded her to a ’57 Ford. He paid $125 several years before, so that’s what it cost me in 1966. The 16-year-old factory paint was such a glossy black that reflection of sky was blue, clouds white, leaves green, etc…. darn near a mirror. My main purchase motivation was, at 5’2″, I needed to sit on a handmade wooden box to see over the steering wheel of most cars. Buying my own car allowed me to remove the front seat, put wooden blocks under the seat mounts, then re-install it tall. No more booster seat. Funny, I never felt small. There were four short boys in my graduating class of 1,000, […]

cafe’ BSA

Fairly fresh out of the service I finally got a chance to scratch that itch to own a motorcycle. Typical Ted, it couldn’t be one of the popular Hondas or Harleys. Somehow a Triumph 650 Bonneville was my ideal. I found a nearly-affordable BSA 650 Thunderbolt in the newspaper want-ads and, not knowing any difference, took an irresistible test drive. Not that I could wring anything out of it in my early motorcycle days, but the feel, sound, balance and agility were immediately apparent. Love at first ride. The transformative event in our relationship was when I decided it needed a tuneup (probably didn’t, but I worked like that). I found a Danish import Brit-Bike lover… How much for a […]

Field Day 2014

Amateur radio operators preparing for weekend event When the power goes out, often amateur radio operators have the only reliable means of communication. They are prepared with generators, solar power, radios, antennas and training. Amateur Radio Field Day is a coordinated effort for all amateur radio operators in the United States and Canada. Bitterroot Valley radio operators have created a local event for the community to participate, watch and challenge. Jim Brummit lives on the west side of the valley just north of Corvallis. He has a background in electronics and amateur radio is a hobby and a way of life. He looks forward to the contest this weekend. “It’s a contest to establish communications,” said Brummit. “The object is […]