Ted’s essays

saying “NO” to myself

  Claire Wolfe Getting to No You Thursday, June 26th, 2014 You’ve decided you need to say no. To new volunteer obligations. Impositions on your privacy. Visits from relatives. Extra projects at work. Co-workers who crowd you. Whatever. (Maybe even to government, but more about that another time.) But somehow no never quite ends up meaning no. Because this request for your time is so vital. And that request is just one small thing. And because it’s easier to just do it than to put all that energy into refusing again … Real change has to begin with an ultimatum to yourself: No means no. No exceptions. No special cases. Above all no “Just this one time, please?” No. […]

Father’s Day

planting a shade tree for the lad and his family Missy was the most awesome daughter chatting with her dad My kids making me laugh till I hurt 4-generation Dunlap men Andrea and Deedra at Dad’s wedding Dad and Daughter sharing a strong bond The Daughters arrive! On holiday with The Roy Dunlaps October 2002 – Roy Dunlaps my girls Deedra turns 21, learns to shoot pool […]

great video

I confess to a certain bias: my daughter created this video. It is excellent in several ways. Watch it for its own sake. For me, I am pleased that she achieved a position of doing what she enjoys, is very good at it, earns a living doing so and that I even know a person who can imagine and create this insight into scientists at work.

match setup

We are coming up to the Nampa Rod And Gun Club match weekend. A real fun favorite match is their Vance Cusic Vietnam Memorial Match… four-man teams in several 200-yard rapid-fire courses of fire, including some moving silhouettes as well as full-sized and “prone silhouettes”. Rifles must be in looks and function semi-automatic versions of rifles used by some military somewhere in the world during the USofA VS Vietnam conflict… that is to say that AR-15s are the predominant choice. They also are only allowed iron sights with peep rear and post front being the main choice. It isn’t worth loading up the high-end target ammo used on high-power matches, but it has to be good enough to stay in […]

armstrong mower

The 20-year-old Honda mulching mower that has been hard to start for 10 years finally stopped running. My $25 thrift store push mower runs like a watch … as long as my arms, legs, knees, back, heart and lungs can keep pushing it. I may have to do some mechanic-ing in the near future, but for today, the lawn is mowed and I most certainly have had my exercise ration. 1/3rd of the lawn

spring planting

newly planted annuals complimenting perennials a few annuals in the columbine bed future good-neighbor bean patch zucchini may take over entry slope color for left side of entry color for right side of entry […]