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ham radio testing

YeeHaw!!! I passed my FCC General class license test today!!! I was neither confident nor optimistic going in. I was failing 3 of 5 practice tests online (300-question test pool from which each test has 35 covering all 9 areas, with 26 correct passing). Worse, I was guessing at some of the answers I got right. I was prepared to pay $15 each for two re-tests before giving it up for this go-round. Then I got lucky. The first test they handed me was EXACTLY the questions from each area that I had in my head. I knew I smoked it before I even put my pencil down. (there are 3 levels of amateur radio licenses, Technician, General and Amateur […]


I can only speak for me, but I have this memory that is incredible (not credible). I have outgrown it. I no longer fully believe it. But it still lingers. Though it fades, I kinda think it really happened. An article came my way today that brings my questionable memory back and gives it some credibility. My daughters used to beg me to allow them a kitten or cat. I’m not a cat guy, but was very much a daughter guy, so we agreed that since I was allergic to them, they could have “outdoor cats”. It wasn’t just the constant itchy eyes, cats just aren’t dogs. There is nothing there to love. Dogs are special. Cats are just … […]

Dear Diary

Since it’s not getting easier to remember, I am putting the timeline down here so at least I can find it somewhere. This year has been a whirlwind with wonderful results. I guess a tornado would be a more apt description. Missy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore. Wednesday, March 6th, Missy comes home from her job saying she can’t take it any more. She will go back to Corrections. I remind her that will mean graveyard shift in an unfavorable medium security unit. She says it is preferable to being buried in work with no light at the end of the tunnel. I cogitate a bit and spend some time on the Internet Thursday finding ONE affordable, acceptable place, in […]