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trombone NOT for sale

… changed my tune … The brief time I’ve had with my “new” 1958 Conn 6H has impressed upon me just how good my Yamaha copy of it is. No clear winner between them – not even a leader at the moment. I will be spending some time with both of them until I know more. I have been hankering for a vintage Conn 6H straight horn to compliment my Conn 88 trigger horn. I just “won” an eBay auction for a fixer-upper. My long-term relationship with my Yamaha straight horn must now come to an end to make room for the replacement (literally – we do have a tiny house). I never do anything normal – I’m trading the […]

warm winter feet

While there may be some factors they left out, but this is an outstanding test. I have never been happy with my cold feet and had suspected a defect in my physiological or psychological makeup. Probably not. I just bought cheap boots, not realizing the difference a few bucks well spent could make. Thanks to these two guys, my next pair of boots will do the job. Check out this boot test: Field Test: Cold-Weather Hunting Boots Boots, it could be said, are among the most critical of bowhunting equipment. Wet or frozen feet have sent many a hunter packing early for home. Here are the results. by Mike Strandlund and Mark Melotik Cold Weather Boots, it could be said, […]

monkey still on my back

I continue to get better, but I have to keep testing to see how much. In back off July 6th I described how I damaged my back the end of May pulling up 200′ of fence posts and 20′ of young willow trees with my bare hands GRRRRRR! No, I wasn’t in a macho mood or anything, just… uh … Well, not acting my age, for sure. I updated the saga with Rx – phase III August 21st, starting to add massage therapy to my prescription of just not abusing it for six months according to a surgeon friend of mine. This IS working. I am definitely improving … rapidly, assuming a six-month schedule, but not nearly fast enough for […]

ham radio open house in Darby

Saturday, September 14th from 10:00-1:00 the Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club (BARC) will be hosting an Open House at the Darby Library. There will be experts in radio, several types of ham radios set up for demonstrations, information, and signups for local classes. If there is enough interest, BARC will offer classes with enough information that students can earn the FCC Technicians license… in the South Bitterroot at the Darby Library. All we need is a dozen of us, and the instructors will make the drive to us from Hamilton, rather than the students making the drive north for the classes. They do it completely for their interest in sharing the knowledge and enhancing private communications. The instructors are unpaid. Classes […]