Ted’s essays

layabouts and leaches

Unfortunately there are idlers and parasites who deface good things created by and for good people. Every time constructive people come up with a way to prevent one abuse, the idlers find another. The Internet is a good example with lazy slobs messing up or riding on the back of creative folks who produce and share constructive or artistic websites. Some grant grudging respect to the hackers. An infinitesimal few earn that. Most use ideas and hacks created by the few and shared widely among fellow idlers. Their lives are being pissed-away breaking into locked rooms and anonymously shouting obscenities at passerbys. They can’t do something as useful as making a good walking stick. There have been a flood of […]

Bitterroot Community Band

I was pleased with much about my first experience with the Bitterroot Community Band. Evening practices 45 miles away are off-putting, but sharing time with an all-ages band who play well together makes up for that – and more. Plus, the miles are absolutely beautiful. People spend their vacations trying to find scenery like this. Oh yeah, back to the band. They unquestionably welcome all musicians of all ages. It attracts the better music students who wish to keep their skills up during summer vacation from school, along with half a dozen music teachers who, except for the director/conductor, get to play an instrument for a change. Also in there are recent high school and college graduates now finding this […]

almost back

I’m sorry for the long dry spell. I now have a new home in Conner Montana. I now have a new computer that has functional wireless. I have a new Internet service provider via cell phone towers. I can barely go online without being kicked back off by poor signals. I will be buying a signal booster on Tuesday. Posting should resume shortly thereafter.