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happy armpits

Happy Armpits: Make Your Own Coconut-Oil Deodorant (Recipe Included!) 14th May 2013 By Ana Jadanec Guest Writer for Wake Up World original article: Happy Armpits: Make Your Own Coconut-Oil Deodorant (Recipe Included!) I’ve always been picky about deodorants. Not because they didn’t do their “job”, but there was always something I wasn’t too happy with. Scent, consistency, usability, bottle shape, irritation, drying factor… Well, this whole pickyness escalated in 2003 when I read the ingredients printed on the packaging of my store bought deodorant. Aluminium jumped right at me. Let me just explain what this most abundant metal in Earth’s crust does, and how it ended on our armpits. Aluminium-based complexes react with the electrolytes in the sweat to form […]

Conner Cabin photos

I just uploaded my first batch of photos from our new home in Conner, Montana. I’ll share them with you here, but first a note of discovery. On our fourth trip back, I again drove 8 hours into a powerful head wind. Ma Nature is pointing out to me that I need to stay in Montana. “Quit returning to Idaho. Stay away from Kuna.” It is tiring, as if I personally, physically had to push the truck and trailer into the wind and up the hills all the way. Upon arrival this time I found myself edgy and testy. Not my normal Mr. Congeniality. Hmmmm. What’s with that? I looked inside my head (don’t try this at home, kids) and […]