Ted’s essays

Walden Pond with snow

Gazing into my crystal ball I see the imminent demise of Ada Liberty .com. I built it to be a resource for liberty in Ada County, to highlight tyranny in this area and unite those who would resist it. Since May 7, 2012, it has grown to what you see there with 500 regular visitors and up to 11,000 pages viewed a month. Not bad for a guy keeping seven domains alive. But this guy is moving north – still within the Idaho Territory of 1860, but significantly disconnected from Ada County. We have found a beautiful place at the south end of the valley between the Bitterroot and Rocky mountain ranges, looking out the front window of a little […]

kicked into hyperdrive

In what for me was a breakthrough movie for special effects, the original Star Wars introduced among many things, a visualization of hyperdrive where the stars that were floating outside their cargo ship turned into receeding streaks of light. That image has come back to me many times since viewing that movie including a memorable incident where the BMW Bavaria I was piloting finally broke free of the traffic cluster that had hemmed me in coming out of South San Francisco on the new, lightly traveled, super highway 280. It is back. March 6, realize I gotta get Missy out of her current job. March 7, find the super-affordable Conner Cabin on the Bitterroot. March 8, great friends inspect and […]

accomplished something

My life is rather hectic and nearly completely consumed with buying and moving into a new home on the Bitterroot. But a friend in need called. It was important and urgent. Then, though I couldn’t do much, I did write a bit about the story. See The Tale of Tara Why was I compelled to spend a few hours as an essayist in the middle of my own priorities? I couldn’t just ignore it. My head was churning on many ramifications of the events, not to mention the human side. I could at least do this little bit for them … and for us. (You did go read it so you know what I’m talking about, didn’t you?) I was […]

Idaho Territory

I have been publishing under the Idaho Liberty .com banner for six years. I have hundreds of posts, pages and pictures representing I dare not think of how many hours of thought, research and expression. Walking away from this just because I am moving across some political border doesn’t set well with me. So I’m moving the border. My moving the border isn’t quite as whimsical as you might think. I’m not saying it isn’t whimsical, just not totally arbitrary. 1. The politics and corruption surrounding whatever the USofA’s internal war of 1861-1865 should be called, bring everything the official rulers did around that period into question. Among the questionable actions, they turned the Idaho and Dakota Territories into states […]