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top 5 regrets of the dying

– From The Guardian Click the link above to read it there with photos and relevant supporting links. ———- A nurse has recorded the most common regrets of the dying, and among the top ones is ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard’. What would your biggest regret be if this was your last day of life? The top five regrets of the dying A palliative nurse has recorded the top five regrets of the dying. There was no mention of more sex or bungee jumps. A palliative nurse who has counselled the dying in their last days has revealed the most common regrets we have at the end of our lives. And among the top, from men in particular, […]

pledge wrestling

Much like steer wrestling in a rodeo, we each decide what we can say in certain audiences and what we must keep to ourselves. I suspect my wrestling events are bigger than most. Maybe mine can be like steer wrestling while others thumb wrestle, if they wrestle at all. Quite a bit of what is in my head, much of what drives me, most of what I do for my community is comprehended by only a small percentage of the crowd. At Neighborhood Posse, Oath Keepers, 912 Group, Tea Party, Idaho Open Carry and to some extent, JBS meetings, I am in good company. I am recognized as a capable speaker who is willing to stand up for principle and […]


I just finished a major project researching, combining and editing a timeline of central banking. People continually look at the puppet and the words it emits as if they have meaning. To find the meaning, you MUST trace the strings up to the puppet master. Do not look there to words, however, but to the actions. Only there will you begin to understand why awful things happen in a world so full of wonderful people. Please take some time to understand what the heck happened … and through that gain much insight into what may and what you should do about it all. Puppet Masters

impossibly fast

Everyone knows that semi-auto handguns are faster than revolvers and that revolvers requiring you to cock the hammer prior to firing (single-action) are slower than those where a single pull of the trigger both cocks AND fires each round. But we all know wrong. Keep in mind that this particular demonstration and shooting sport does not involve anywhere near to full-power defensive loads in the ammo. Recoil would change everything here. Thus, not fair to compare with people shooting the “practical pistol” sport which is itself tailored for other unrealistic results. Caveats aside, the demonstration on this video is dazzling. The first time you see him draw, fire and re-holster his single-action full-sized revolver, you don’t know if you saw […]