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wish I said that

I’ve tried to explain it hundreds of times, but never said it better. The smartphone analogy is great. – Ted Ignore These 16 Digits at Your Own Risk Dear Laissez Faire Today Reader, Thursday afternoon, the Federal Reserve revealed its holdings of U.S. government debt had increased to an all-time record of $1,696,691,000,000. Yup, that’s $1.6 trillion dollars. Why is this so important? Because the Fed has no money of its own. The money they used to buy the “U.S. government debt” was created by a few simple keystrokes at a computer in the N.Y. Federal Reserve building… created “out of thin air.” Why should you care about all this? Here’s why. Imagine if each person on the planet could […]

completely useless

This stuff has a major advantage over most of what emits out of your boob tube. It is most likely true. As far as I can tell, however, it is also useless. But I couldn’t just let it slip through my fingers without putting it somewhere. This is the place it landed. Where did “Piss Poor” come from? Interesting history. They used to use urine to tan animal skins, so families used to all pee in a pot. And then once it was full it was taken and sold to the tannery… If you had to do this to survive, you were “Piss Poor”. But worse than that were the really poor folk who couldn’t even afford to buy a […]

The Griddle

This started to be simply a “note to self” type of entry. We infrequently travel through Winnemucca on our way to and from California. Most of these involve stopping for a bite to eat and break from the road. Our fortunes at actually enjoying the bites and breaks have been mixed. On our last trip we were HUGELY PLEASED! Friendly people, nice atmosphere, good food … well, that doesn’t quite say it with enough emphasis, but I did want to put this on our itinerary for future trips. So here it is… where I probably won’t find it, but one can hope. — The Griddle 460 W. Winnemucca Boulevard Winnemucca, Nevada 89445 Breakfast & Lunch Winnemucca, NV Monday – Sunday: […]


About a year ago I had a couple of patches made up to my own specifications. I wore them on “my sheriff shirts” that I used for my public appearances. Obviously I like them. I think they say important things and should be part of the posse uniform. The first is inspired by a famous Thomas Jefferson quotation: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. The second is from the symbols electronic engineers and technicians use to communicate amongst themselves. When drawing a circuit, this is the symbol for a resistor. Many people look back to the founding era of this country and want to re-use flags and banners […]

toldya so

I almost never want to, and even less often actually use “I told you so”. This may be a many year allotment for me, but: I told you so. The geniuses at The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission finally got around to doing part of what I suggested November 3rd, 2009. Maybe in another 3 1/2 years they will refine “their innovative idea” to the level I suggested back then. Here is my Toldya So over at Idaholiberty.com.

The Fixer shop upgrade

What I want to do is putter in my shop, fixing things and making things using my head, my hands and my tools. I enjoy metal work, wood work and more, but mostly I enjoy inventing … creating solutions to problems … making life better in little ways … installing smiles on faces. It is awkward, to say the least, to enjoy that when my shop is 26-degrees Fareinheit. My kerosene heater isn’t real cheap to operate nor is it ideal to be reducing the percentage of breatheable air in my workspace. But I was running it full-throttle just to get the shop UP TO 44-degrees. Worse, water, paint, cleaners and more were sharing that space. Below freezing is a […]

Kuna Lions vision testing breakthrough

For many years the Kuna Lions club has been taking a mobile sight and hearing test lab to every primary school in the Kuna area. We screen kids for vision and hearing problems that hamper their ability to learn, not to mention their negative effect on quality of life. Having serious vision or hearing problems in their formative years will completely change how the develop and who they become… as will having them discovered and compensated for. The Lions also makes sure every person in Kuna who needs hearing or vision tools gets them. We subsidize and give away glasses and hearing aids to all who seek our help. We even help sponsor a Treasure Valley Lions eye bank. Incredibly, […]

Raney comes out of the closet

I ran against the guy for a reason. One of us had the courage and knowledge to uphold the Constitution and be a key check and balance against federal government overreach. But he had too many advantages in that election. While 41,000 adults of Ada County understood what was at stake, they weren’t enough. Today the Idaho Statesman published Raney’s rationalization for subordinating his office to the federal police state. It is hard to describe politely. I suppose I should allow the possibility he is merely mistaken; ignorant of his job and the proper role of the sheriff. I know the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) has attempted to reach him numerous times. I know he was given […]

Any law repugnant to the Constitution….

We are approaching the most serious intersection the USA has faced since the Civil War – some say even more serious than that. The Kuna City Council can join other cities, counties and states in the USA that are heading off what is shaping up to be a horrifying confrontation between the defenders and usurpers of the Constitution. In my run for sheriff and since, I have heard the seriousness and resolve of Idahoans who will not compromise their rights to self-defense. This is not a few crackpots, but a huge mass of people who understand the Constitution to mean what it says and take seriously their role in preserving it for our future and that of our offspring. In […]

Oath Keepers

I’m working on a presentation I get to make in the Capital Rotunda at noon. This is part of it. I am thrilled that Oath Keepers is firming up its stance. I’m in GREAT company. Oath Keepers, and its founder Stewart Rhodes, has always had a very firm line drawn between itself and political activism or confrontational words. This has frustrated many patriots who have seen a massive threat building on the other side of the ramparts and who wanted Oath Keepers to attack NOW!!! No, the strength of Oath Keepers is its simple, easy to accept message: You swore an oath to the Constitution. We ask that you think about it, and resolve in your mind that you meant […]

the hammer’s crashing down

At risk of appearing in a musical mood, I just ran across another song, another performance that I must share. This one is thanks of the Oath Keepers website. I recommend you click the link and go there for it rather than read the version below. It will be a much better presentation for you. However, if for any reason, the link breaks or that site is unavailable, I copied the text below. Go to the Oath Keepers page linked below, click on the video to play it, then follow the lyrics below the playing video as he sings and plays his new song. This is one stirring and inspirational song, and very much keyed to the times we are […]

editor wanted

“A newspaper has three things to do. One is to amuse, another is to entertain and the rest is to mislead.” — Ernest Bevin – British Foreign Minister This week’s Kuna/Melba news arrived containing an announcement seeking a new editor. Boy-oh-boy would I change a few things. It has degenerated into a school newspaper, celebrating the small percentage of kids who excel at playing the featured games of the season as if THOSE are the most interesting, important activities in our community. People who build, help others, protect, inspire, teach, share … THESE are the things that develop a strong community. This is what builds valued characteristics in people. Opportunities, threats, productivity and those who serve as role models, who […]