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American hero; American tragedy

Morgan Freeman’s essay on the latest school shootings covers an important aspect of it. Mainstream media is quite clearly guilty of sensationalizing the murderer which encourages imitators. Morgan suggests we would be much smarter to remember at least one victim’s name than that of the sick perpetrator. I agree that is an important aspect and great point. I propose Victoria Soto, 27. She was a first-grade teacher who liked to tell stories about her students. She lived in a pale blue house with her mother and three siblings, sometimes shoveling snow from an ailing neighbor’s walkway. When the shooting started Vicki hid her kids in closets. When the gunman came into her room she told him the class was in […]

join the posse

This is just an example of one posse within Ada County. Kuna happens to be small enough that one posse will probably be enough. Boise, on the other hand, will likely develop several posses for various areas within Boise. Any neighborhood group can pull one together if several responsible, active people decide to. — BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR — Join the Kuna Posse * Civil Defense * Emergency Response * Disaster Preparedness *Security for local events * Be a valuable part of your community while working with great friends All skills and talents are needed from trained veterans to those interested in learning emergency response, observation, reporting, ham radio, crowd control, community events, legal use of force, etc. Team leaders, […]


This is going to be interesting. Today’s incoming mail contained a summons to jury duty for the Idaho state coordinator of the Fully Informed Jury Association. I have never served on a jury. Oh, I’ve been called in. I have sat in jury rooms and court rooms for days. I have approached baliffs with explanations of why, or actually attempted to explain why I should be ALLOWED to go back to work as there is NO WAY they will let me serve on this one or that for this reason or the other. But NO, I have to sit quietly and watch the most painful show on earth as three law school graduates test the patience and willingness of the […]

news bits

I couldn’t quite just pass these tidbits by without some comment, but am not in an essay mood, so I’m just combining them here… then get on with the rest of my day. Redford man foils robbery by shooting suspect First off, I HATE IT when what passes for journalists today use the word “suspect” to describe a vilian who was injured or captured IN THE ACT. “I blasted the sumbish who attacked my act” (or similar sounding) is a lot more likely to come to mind than “I dissuaded the suspect from continuance of his overly assertive socially questionable behaviors”. Back to the main point: Please folks, do be careful when using ATMs or other times when you are […]

neighborhood posse

Neighborhood Posse Ada County, Idaho purpose, principles, bylaws Regardless of who holds the office of county sheriff, responsible adults have the right and responsibility to participate in the defense of, and emergency response of their neighborhoods. To this end, we join together forming mutual-aid clubs as outlined in this document. There is nothing confrontational about it, nor is there any question of the legality of our right to freely associate and assemble. We take the responsibility to actively participate in the defense of our own life, liberty and property, as well as that of our families, neighbors and community. We renounce initiation or threat of force or fraud against persons or property as inherently illegitimate. We declare no war with […]