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freedom isn’t free

The Republican incumbent sheriff is sitting on a $2,000 residual from his uncontested election four years ago. The challenger is not. Brochures, handouts, signs, advertisements and more will cost money. The incumbent sees no problem subordinating the Sheriff’s Office to state and federal agents and agencies who walk right on through the limits put on them by the Constitution. The challenger insists THAT is the only defense our liberties have. The incumbent wants to increase your spending to build another jail. The one he is operating is FULL. Having the highest incarceration rate in the world raises no flags for him. The challenger will empanel a review to empty some jail bunks and send non-threatening people back to their jobs […]

home security

Ready Nutrition has an excellent article on home security. You can click the link to see it at their website, but I’m saving you the trouble and reprinting it completely below. While my priorities and suggestions would differ slightly, theirs are excellent and well worth a thorough review. —– If you live in suburbia, security starts from the inside out. Your home should be a fortress, although not so blatantly that it catches the attention of casual passers-by, making them wonder, “What’s in there?” Some simple updates can harden your domicile against intruders. Doors should be sturdy and steel core. The frame around the door is equally important. Even the strongest door will not hold up to a determined intruder […]

What’s a Libertarian?

USA Presidential candidate Gary Johnson explains this as well as I’ve ever seen with a short video clip here: Gary Johnson: This Is Your Freedom

thank you

Just when I’m down a bit thinking that the sheep will sleep until they are butchered, along comes a video showing awakefulness. This is a very nice, upbeat message: Ron Paul YouTube video

Ron Paul

I am hard-pressed to think of a more powerful advertisement against a tyrinnacial government, and for a Constitutional Sheriff than this advertisement for Ron Paul. Ron Paul

Canyon County must write-in Ed Hendershot

Thanks to an elections clerk posessing marginal morality, Ed Hendershot, who registered his candidacy and began his camnpaign in November, is a write in for sheriff in the May 15th Canyon County Republican Primary. Ed Hendershot is the only choice. He is a Constitutional Sheriff. The other two want to be politicians who get to rub elbows with important people. Ed wants to ensure the life, liberty, property and tranquility of the people. This isn’t maybe. Contact his campaign for fliers. Take them door to door. Canyon County Liberty is at stake. Canyon County Republicans have a voter literacy test next Tuesday. Under “Sheriff” they can make their [X] or they can demonstrate that they are informed and write in […]

Liberty Conference

The Ed Hendershot for Canyon County Sheriff campaign put on a GREAT conference last Saturday. Here is a video clip of Ed’s impassioned speach. If you understand the threat to your (our) liberties, you will understand his emotion. 20 minute YouTube video