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war against Delaware Sheriffs

Attached below is a 60-minute radio interview with Richard Mack and Sheriff Jeff Christopher of Sussex County, Delaware. A coalition of anti-liberty, anti-freedom, anti-Constitution forces are applying various pressures to destroy the office of Sheriff in the state of Delaware. Why this matters is the most important question answered on this show. If you listen to no other part, 55 minutes in, Richard Mack uses the Rosa Parks example to great effect. Listen to that bit, then think about it for a few minutes. The Constitutionan Sheriff IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. Delaware at risk

3 you-tube Ted Dunlap interviews

Now there is another video interview with me up on you-tube. It is a half-hour public access TV show posted in two parts. All three videos pop up at the top of the list when you go to you-tube and ask for “Ted Dunlap”. I need to review them and take notes before I could list the topics we covered, but all three are answering the question, “What is a Constitutional Sheriff?” … they also show a bit of who I am and what I bring to the office of sheriff.

Ted Dunlap for sheriff video interview by Elizabeth Alan Hodge

Elizabeth Alan Hodge interviewed me at the recent Boise gun show for her You-Tube station, “F.Y.Idaho”. I think this provides a good overview of who I am and what my campaign for Ada County Sheriff is about.

Patriot’s Day

“Ben Franklin” (Terry Shepard) the creator and organizer of the event in Idaho sent out the following press release: PATRICK HENRY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AND BETSY ROSS WILL APPEAR ON THE STEPS OF THE IDAHO CAPITOL FOR PATRIOT’S DAY COMMEMORATION Colonial Patriots will appear on the steps of the Idaho Capitol on April 19th, 12:00 P.M to commemorate the Battles of Lexington and Concord Massachusetts in 1775 which began the American Revolutionary War. There will be a reading of a Proclamation from the Office of the Governor proclaiming April 19th as Patriot’s Day in the State of Idaho, as well as speakers from local patriot groups who will ask us to focus on the sacrifices made by the men and women […]

Patriot’s Day

In remembrance of the battles of Lexington and Concord opening the war for independence in April 19, 1775, the 7th annual Patriot’s Day Commemoration will be held downtown. I am among the speakers scheduled for this one-hour event. PATRIOT’S DAY COMMEMORATION April 19th, 2012 12:00 P.M. Steps of the Capitol Boise Idaho Program: Introduction by Benjamin Franklin (Terry Shepard) Emcee, Tom Munds opens with Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance Emcee, Tom Munds Speaks Ted Dunlap reads Governor’s Proclamation Ted Dunlap, candidate for Ada County Sheriff Speaks Patrick Henry (Jack Stuart) Speaks Ed Hendershot, candidate for Canyon County Sheriff Speaks Richard Donovan (Oathkeepers) Speaks Chad Inman (Tea Party Boise ) Speaks Lori Shewmaker (Idahoan’s For Liberty) Speaks Betsy Ross (Pat Harris) speaks […]

Thank You

To the hundred or more of you I talked to at the Boise gun show over the last couple of days, THANK YOU. You were wonderful. You were interested – and interesting. You were supportive and energizing. Everywhere I’ve gone and talked about being the Constitutional Sheriff for Ada County, I am very well received. People are uncomfortable with threats from many areas, have been at a loss as to how to defend against them and excited to find that a Constitutional Sheriff can, and will defend us from illegal assaults, even from governmental agents. At the April 14-15 gun show there was such a constant flow of you by our table that I got no breaks anywhere during the […]

slim jim

“Real” politicians call tall, narrow one-page handouts “Slim Jims”. My campaign manager told me I needed one. I’m certainly up to following orders when I recognize them to be correct, proper and intelligent. So here it is: slim_jim

new photos

We got a chance to get some photos taken outdoors. Now I have some current pictures of me for this website and any other publicity photos needed. They aren’t great, but there are limits built into the subject matter 😉

affiliations; community involvement

The question of the day was, “Where did all my time go?”. So I started organizing. First step in organizing is, of course, to make a list. Oh. No wonder. I am a member of all of the below, active member of most and on the executive board of nearly half. You might notice a common thread among them. THAT is what motivates me … my life, liberty and property rights as well as yours and everybody else’s. Some may have a less-than-stellar reputation in your mind. I know they did in mine before I looked deeper and met the people involved. I encourage you to stare your prejudices down. Go look. I linked them to make it easy for […]