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Ted Dunlap for Sheriff flier

I have created a brochure with some of highlights of why we should want, deserve and get a Constitutional Sheriff. If this got into enough hands we win a major leap in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Print a bunch. Do your part. Earn your liberty. You have nothing to lose but your shackles (okay, maybe a bit over the top). Ted sheriff_flier

campaign finance

A few weeks ago I recognized that this campaign is hugely important. Relative to our liberty, this is the most important undertaking of my life. I have to take it seriously. I have to make it my full time job. For all of our sakes, I cannot shirk nor take half measures. This takes money. Most has come from our family budget. The Ted Dunlap for Sheriff campaign is about to stall out for lack of funds. Please help. Help yourselves to liberty and security. Help your neighbors to liberty and security. If we don’t do this now, we just may lose it. Send a check to: Ted Dunlap for Sheriff P.O. Box 554 Kuna, ID 83634 —— What for? […]


Missy and I went to the Egyptian Theater last night to see the movie Thrive. It turned out to be more of an event than just a movie. It is more a movement than an event. In fact, that is what their website is called, Thrive Movement .com. The movie is worth seeing, the video worth buying, the event worth participation and the movement worth joining. If you are paying attention and, therefore, concerned, the Thrive Movement offers more hope than anything I am aware of, including my run for sheriff, the Sheriff’s First movement, the Libertarian Party, Ron Paul’s candidacy, the Tea Party, and just about anything else that lands liberty lovers on the FEMA roll call list. It […]

Payette presentation

I found this at Meetup.com … and wouldn’t miss it for the world: American’s Take Courage! Saturday, March 17, 2012, 10:00 AM Payette High School 1500 6th Avenue South, Payette, ID Payette County Sheriff Chad Huff will be giving a presentation about his experience at the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer Association Conference that was held in January. Speakers at the Conference included Sheriff Arpio, Sheriff Mack, Thomas Woods, Sheriff Gilbertson, Michael Badnarik, Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff DeMao, and more. Sheriff Huff’s presentation about the Conference should be very informative for those in the Law Enforcement field, as well as the general public who want to understand their rights. Doors open at 9:15 AM for a DVD presentation. The event is […]

law enforcement or peace officers?

Among major decisions facing Ada County voters, the November 6th election is about the difference in priorities and masters. Do you want law enforcement officers or peace officers? It is said that if all government legislative bodies from city councils to congress never wrote another law, there isn’t a person alive who could read all existing laws in their lifetime. It is widely acknowledged that no lawyer knows all the laws, nor does any judge, or peace officer. When driving your car does a police car behind yours bring comfort or nervousness? One of the main priorities for Sheriff Ted Dunlap will be reorientation of the primary priorities of the Ada County Sheriff’s Department. Serve and Protect will mean exactly […]

near horizon

The Ted Dunlap for Sheriff campaign is very young. The Republican primary election to narrow the field from three candidates to two will be in May. The incumbent has shown no interest in being a constitutional sheriff or having the peace and security of the people being his highest priority. He is facing a constitutional sheriff challenge from Curtis Cattau in the primary. I am working with Curt and can think of no finer result than Ada voters getting to choose between two constitutional sheriffs on November 6th. From mid-May to November the question before Ada County is whether the office of the sheriff has Peace Officers or Law Enforcement Officers and whether the Constitution of these united states is […]

Oath Keepers

OATH KEEPERS is an organization of law enforcement, military and others who swore an oath to defend The Constitution of these united states against all enemies foreign and domestic … and meant it. While it seems obviously and fundamentally abhorrent to many of us, there are some in power who expect or demand unconstitutional actions from military and law enforcement AGAINST the people of these united states. For Oath Keepers, this is unacceptable. They are making the decision beforehand to protect honorable, free people from, well, all enemies foreign and domestic. Thus, they join Oath Keepers and sign one additional oath to make it clear in their own minds, their community and to those who would abuse the reigns of […]

about Ted Dunlap.net

This formation of electrons and creative writing herein is all mine. I know just enough about computers, writing and the world to present what you see here. I am hiding nothing. I am disguising nothing. I believe the content here and believe it to be important enough that I donate my time, capital and energy to providing it for any who are open to it. Rather than believing what others attempted to pour into my brain, I STUDIED and THOUGHT about economics, anthropology, political science, government and much more. Though not for the timid and fearful, for the rest I highly recommend you do the same. Here I attempt to provide the stimulus and links to help you on that […]

CSPOA overview

I believe the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association to be the most realistic hope we have for reigning in an out-of-control federal government. Many law enforcement officers, law enforcement executives, sheriffs, judges and other professionals in the field agree… so wholeheartedly as to dedicate a significant portion of their lives to this project. If you value liberty, go to CSPOA.org and I think you will discover the same truths we have. I selected the following overview paragraphs from the CSPOA statement of purpose page written by Sheriff Richard Mack. Click on the links above to read the whole essay, and look around for much, much more. – Ted … Now, today, our country is dying and all the experts […]