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guv debates ’06

I ran for Idaho governor in 2006. I thought, “If only the non-voting majority can see an opportunity to throttle back the growth of big government, they’d jump on it … or, more realistically, that the public forum and publicity would help others wanting to reverse freedom’s erosion feel more hopeful and get involved in some way”.

Today I’m convinced the crisis is upon us and the Constitutional Sheriffs movement is crucial to liberty in Ada County and, county by county, to the USA. We do not have the time nor the opportunity to correct our national government via national politics. Everything we need for us to thrive in liberty is in place locally, thanks in part to the Constitutional definition of the sheriffs as the highest executive office in every jurisdiction.

The gubernatorial debates that Idaho public TV and the League of Women Voters put on in 2006 were first class. The two candidates who qualified and chose to debate on Idaho-wide live television put on a show that the studio crew LOVED. I post them here that you may see Ted Dunlap debating the issues, speaking from the heart… and note the consistency: Liberty is not a costume I put on, but a driving force that resides deep in my soul. That’s my liberty and yours. I cannot be free unless everyone is.

Being in front of live state-wide TV cameras was definitely intense. Public speaking is challenging for even experienced veterans and I certainly am not that. Nevertheless, my ideas and principles came through. I think they are relevant still today to who I am and what I stand for.

While others tell you, “Nobody could have predicted the economic downturn”, you can see in this Idaho state-wide television broadcast that Ted Dunlap is among those who not only could, but did predict it, and knew what steps to take then to minimize the damage.

The “economic downturn” is not done with us yet. It will be renamed and the runaway printing presses of the central banks (like the USA’s Federal Reserve) that caused the economic collapse will remain blameless on the mainstream media. Fortunately, you look elsewhere for your news and KNOW who dunnit.

PBS 2006 Gubernatorial Debate televised Idaho-wide. from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.

Reconnecting with an old friend brought my ‘5 minutes of fame’ back to mind. The old video had gone away – again. I watched it last night for the first time in many years. I got so much right, and now with a more dispassionate view realize I did even better than I remembered. If you removed party labels and were left with one of those two choices to be Idaho governor, I won.

Pretty dang good for my first television appearance. Of course that guy in 2006 is quite different from this guy who is 12 years older. I could not nor would I want to do that over again… but I did what very few do, and did it well.

I award that younger Ted *ONE ATTABOY*.