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constitutional sheriff presentation

Yesterday evening I gave a presentation to Idaho Talks on the Constitutional Sheriff. I was asked to include ACTION ITEMS that they might have my suggestions on what they could or should be doing. I spent way too much time writing out my notes beforehand. Then I improvised heavily off the script.

It was a full house audience of 30 or so. They inspired one of my better presentations. I did get a bit forceful at times, but, from the feedback afterward, that all came across very well. Here’s the notes I worked from:

I’ve read that Native American villages often made decisions as a whole. In the lodge they would take turns holding the talking stick. The holder could talk until he was finished and passed it on. Once everyone was talked out, they would head off to do whatever each individual was inspired to do. Various chiefs emerged as people who were good at a particular thing. People followed those who seemed likely to succeed in the direction each individual had personally decided to go.

I want you to keep that image in mind. Don’t wait for THE CHIEF to lead. YOU review the information, make your choices, pick the your direction, Head in the right direction and see who is going your way, then pick leaders who seem suited to the task at hand.

What does a dictatorship look like?
no due process
no right to trial
no opportunity for defense
no need for evidence against you
imprisonment without charges
no protection against cruel punishment
execution without charges.

In the last decade, the US Congress, Supreme Court and Administration have given the executive branch branch, detention, torture and murder as publicly acknowledged policy at home and abroad.

What does a totalitarian government look like?
Total central control over all money, food, assets, productive capacity and people.
Via published executive order, those too have been claimed in times to be determined by the executive.

The governor of Idaho has made his position clear. Whatever the DC deviants want, he will go along with. Otter is in fact working to help sell the federal takeover here in Idaho

I want to remind you that the people created the states
with clearly defined tasks to preserve and protect life, liberty and property.
The states created a union with few and clearly delineated powers.
The states did not give away their powers, their tasks, they delegated them.
That delegation can be withdrawn by the states any time it is abused or misused.
They did not empower a federal government with god-like powers
NO, they delegated few and distinct powers.

None of the legislative, executive nor judicial branches
are final arbiters of what the federation is allowed.
The states properly stand between an over-reaching federal government and you.

Within the law, the governor has no legal authority to give anything away.

This is not my focus tonight, but I encourage you to visit
http:// tenth amendment center .com
for more of what is happening on that front.
That is background for what I’m here to discuss tonight.

We can see what a fascist takeover looks like. It is right in front of us.

What is left on our side?

Going back in time…
The office of shire reeve is relatively unchanged since 12th century England
He was the ultimate authority, enforcer and protector of the shire and its sovereign.

With the successful revolution in this country the people became the sovereign.
The Constitution left the job otherwise unchanged.

Though we now pronounce it Sheriff, the office is to protect the people and interests of the shire,
which, in this country, is the county.

Those who would have an all-powerful, centralized government recognize the threat an honest, honorable, courageous sheriff’s office would present.
They do what they can to undermine it… and have eliminated it in several shires.
But the vast majority of the offices are intact, and able to do the job as designed,
if the elected sheriff chooses to.

I knew who I was running against and why I felt compelled to run for sheriff a year ago.

I understood how important it was and, moreso, how important it would be very soon.

I also knew the odds of my winning the election.
I had no law enforcement experience,
I had no money,
I had no media friends and
I was running as a Libertarian…
against a career law enforcement, republican, incumbent with media, politician and monetary support

They definitely were not concerned

over 41,000 people in Ada County voted to have a constitutional sheriff

This surprised a lot of us.

I can’t claim to know why they all voted for me, but I think it is safe to say that as of November 6th, over 30,000 people in Ada County alone, understood what a Constitutional Sheriff was and wanted one.

Clinton/Reno VS Mack/Prinz
… described the origins, motivations and success of Richard Mack’s court battle with the Clinton administration …

[Richard Mack’s book] list $20, here $10
Feb 1st: 279 Sheriffs have publicly announced their alignment with the people of their counties
They stood tall against the omnipotent claims emanating out of Washington DC
They said if you are going to build fences around the people of the USA,
WE are going to be on their side of those fences. (+15 Idaho – Donahue + 2 more?)

8 state-wide sheriff associations have publicly announced they are on our side of the ramparts
1. Utah Sheriffs Association
2. Florida Sheriffs Association
3. Georgia Sheriffs Association
4. Colorado Sheriffs Association
5. New Mexico Sheriffs Association
6. Nebraska Sheriffs Association
7. Wyoming Sheriffs Association
8. Indiana Sheriffs Association

They have announced and affirmed that the Constitution is clear and it means what it says
And these people are going to stand for it, rather than against it.
For us, rather than against us.
For liberty, and against fascism

I can only come up with three reasons a sheriff would not be a Constitutional Sheriff
1. Ignorance
2. Fear
3. They are on the other side

I personally know of 3 people who have given Raney copies of Richard Mack’s book.
Many have told me they sent him letters and talked to him.
He has, by the way, never responded to my phone calls requesting an audience with him,
but I strongly suspect he has looked at my websites, Richard Mack’s and CSPOA.

I doubt ignorance is his excuse.

Fear is a possibility, but with all of the support from CSPOA and 8 state sheriff’s associations already coming out firmly in favor of our 2nd Amendment meaning what it says, with 1,100 Green Berets recently publishing a letter strongly supportive of the 2nd Amendment, with the sudden growth in Oath Keepers and NRA membership, with gun and ammo sales sucking the shelves dry, I just don’t think fear of standing up to the feds applies.

From his actions, I think he is on their side.
He prefers to dress in a suit and tie, go to the state house, rub elbows with politicians, go to DC representing the national sheriff’s association, work with federal agencies. and so on.
He sure appears to prefer being a part of national politics than connected to the people of Ada County.
While I can’t guess at what’s inside a man, his actions speak of one on the other side of the ramparts.

Looking at the population of Idaho and this County, It is a safe bet there are several hundred thousand rifles in Ada County.

A lot of people have long ago given up on elections and voting. Less than half the adults in Ada County voted. Nevertheless, 41,000 voted for a sheriff that would serve and protect THEM and THEIRS.

How many riflemen firmly believe in their right and OBLIGATION to keep and bear arms.
In Ada County I’m going to put a wild guess at over 100,000.

Raney’s staff is 250. Of that, many do not agree with his stance. Many will not subordinate our liberties to federal over-reach. Many are on our side.

Even if 200 were on-board with him when registration or confiscation comes out of DC, and 100,000 riflemen in Ada County say NO, that comes out around 500 to 1.

When a 12-man assault team surrounds and aims their rifles at you, you move slowly, carefully and comply as best you can, hoping they don’t shoot.
This may be what many of us face from Raney’s sheriff office.

However, when it becomes known that each and every deputy is disarming the county, they have individually and personally declared war on their neighbors and their community.
They are each surrounded by 500 riflemen they have declared war with,
riflemen who are their neighbors, who know where they live.
How long will that last? How long will that favor the men in uniform?

I am not suggesting that I’m leading a rebellion. I’m much more likely to be in the first batch tested.
I am also not trying to instigate or foment rebellion.

I am just pointing out that for most of us, a life in slavery is not an option.
I think there are a lot more people in Idaho who fall on the side of
give me liberty or give me death – than there are sheep.
I believe that of The Heartland – of those states whose sheriff’s associations said NO WAY. I’d add Montana, Idaho and the Dakotas to that list of 8 above.

I truly believe that Raney should seriously reconsider his allegiances.
He should show a lot more concern for his staff.
And, most of all, he of all people should know where this is headed and want to stop it peacefully
by recognizing the Constitution in its pure, simple, easy-to-understand form.
and by showing the intelligence, integrity and courage to stand for that Constitution.

There is a political response. Some people have approached me asking if I would support a recall or similar action. I will support it, but I made it clear to them and, now to you, I am not leading that effort. I spent last year running for sheriff. I’m not signing up for a rerun. It this campaign gets wheels it will be someone else bolting them on.

As part of my campaign, I created an organization called Neighborhood Posses of Ada County. This is modeled after the 50-year-old independent posse of Modoc County, California, but there are many like it across the USA. The posse is not a Sheriff’s posse. It is not subordinate to anyone. It is just a neighborhood group, an association, a club of people exercising their natural right to peaceably assemble.

Unlike the a Sheriff’s posse, this one cannot be destroyed at the whim of an individual sheriff as the Ada County posse was a few years ago. These posses can be a useful tool for a sheriff who respects and understands them. Regardless, though, they are definitely useful tools for us.

The neighborhood posses are much like neighborhood watch, but willing to be a little more actively involved in safety, security and emergency response. In times of disaster, when emergency responders what to be home protecting their families and neighborhoods, so do we. I am trying to get these community-spirited people to form groups of whatever size and shape suits them best.

The neighborhood posses of Ada County exists to help organize, provide an outline and assist with training. Our contract is simple and straightforward.

Read purposes, principles and bylaws

Which brings me to the Oath Keepers and the Ten Orders We Will Not Obey.

Now back to the Indians, choosing your direction and finding a chief on that right path:

http:// tenth amendment center .com

Posse meetings 1st Tuesday, 7:00pm, Meridian Vets Hall

Oath Keepers, 3rd Tuesday, 7:00pm, Meridian Vets Hall

Those are just to mention a few avenues for further research and involvement.
At Ada Liberty and Idaho Liberty I describe and link to others.

I am the Idaho state coordinator for the Fully Informed Jury Association.
Jury nullification is another very powerful tool that well within our grasp.