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liberty video

This YouTube video is quick, simple and couldn’t make any clearer the concept of who owns you and the product of your labor.

school is in

Housecleaning day… I found this lying around in my overlooked “Draft” folder. Heck, it is good. Might as well publish it even though it is from December 2012. The truth of this deserves an occasional airing. Meanwhile, in Sandy Hook, USA, available evidence shows one patsy who died by a “self-inflicted” shot from an AR-15 that he left in his car while he went on a rampage with two handguns. With these two handguns, he single-handedly killed 20 children all of whom died from .223 bullets fired from a rifle… you know, that unfired rifle the lone shooter left in his car. Early reports tell the truth; the whole truth. Eyewitness reports of two or three shooters are not showing […]

number one

The number one cause of death. A You Tube video (2 minutes 16 seconds long) It turns out to be preventable through education.

our lives, fortunes, sacred honor

Paul Harvey produced a fine video on the signers of the Declaration of Independence. It is useful perspective for us facing a similar situation today. Paul Harvey The Declaration of Independence signers Sometimes, in speaking to fellow travelers on this path of understanding and struggle, I say with honesty and without bravado, that we are in a way fortunate. We are at that rare point in history where men’s spirits will be tested. We are at a turning point in the evolution of man and his societies. We stand on the threshold of a reniassance in liberty against a formidable foe. (Oh, I write better than I speak, but I try to say that, anyway.) Other times I look fondly, […]

impossibly fast

Everyone knows that semi-auto handguns are faster than revolvers and that revolvers requiring you to cock the hammer prior to firing (single-action) are slower than those where a single pull of the trigger both cocks AND fires each round. But we all know wrong. Keep in mind that this particular demonstration and shooting sport does not involve anywhere near to full-power defensive loads in the ammo. Recoil would change everything here. Thus, not fair to compare with people shooting the “practical pistol” sport which is itself tailored for other unrealistic results. Caveats aside, the demonstration on this video is dazzling. The first time you see him draw, fire and re-holster his single-action full-sized revolver, you don’t know if you saw […]

the hammer’s crashing down

At risk of appearing in a musical mood, I just ran across another song, another performance that I must share. This one is thanks of the Oath Keepers website. I recommend you click the link and go there for it rather than read the version below. It will be a much better presentation for you. However, if for any reason, the link breaks or that site is unavailable, I copied the text below. Go to the Oath Keepers page linked below, click on the video to play it, then follow the lyrics below the playing video as he sings and plays his new song. This is one stirring and inspirational song, and very much keyed to the times we are […]

Fast Buck Freddy

I have long wanted to post about my enlightened rediscovery of the Jefferson Starship song Fast Buck Freddie. Dang, there I was enjoying the tunes and musicianship of musical titans while they were railing against enemies I had yet to recognize. This isn’t the only song they put out that contained political messages well ahead of the time, way out in front of even the 1%-ers. Listen again and think: Federal Reserve, Bilderberg, Central Banks. Fast Buck Freddie This music is still GREAT! They introduced me to jazz fiddle and Papa John Creech. There is some wonderful bass driving along underneath it all and popping up to the top from time to time. Harmony. Melody. Rhythm. Balance. Do modern bands […]

beautiful music

Something truly beautiful arrived via e-mail today. A wonderful story of turning cast-offs into beauty. It is masterfully told in a warm, touching 12-minute You Tube video: Landfill Harmonic. if(typeof(jQuery)==”function”){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)};jwplayer(‘jwplayer-0’).setup({“image”:””,”file”:””}); (holey mackerel! I have just tripped over the embedded video feature in my blogging software. Look out world!)