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cannabis in Montana

Led by the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry, enemies of the valuable cannabis plant have kept it expensive in both money and risk to individual liberty for over 50 years. A plant that costs no more to grow than basil or oregano sells for 100 times what those non-prohibited herbs do. The worst part of this irrational war are the many costs to our society. Topping the list is our awful incarceration rate. A close second is that 99 dollars of the product cost goes to organized crime… with huge negative implications for liberty of all, even those not involved in either side of cannabis transactions. The United States is home to less than 5 percent of the world’s population but nearly […]

looking up

propeller plane delivers “contrail” to The Bitterroot June 11, 2016I was riding my bicycle on Conner Cutoff road when I saw an airplane approaching from the west. It was leaving a strong, broad, billowy “contrail”. One of those I see frequently in The Bitterroot that are extraordinary in volume and staying power. What was really remarkable about this one was the noise that reached me once the airplane got overhead … propellers!!! I really kicked myself for not taking my camera on the bike ride, but I took this photograph of its trail when I got home ten or fifteen minutes later. This, rather obviously, is not prop wash or engine exhaust from an airplane. Who is spraying, what, and […]

motivation – why run?

There are two elected positions in every USofA location where one man of courage, integrity and knowledge can make a serious difference. A constitutional sheriff is the highest law enforcement official elected by the people in each county of our country. Sadly, sheriffs who know and are willing to do the job correctly are a minority. Happily, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is working to change that, and many have stood strong for the people of their counties. I have done some work in that direction myself, as you can see elsewhere on this website. The other is the governor of each state. Since this Constitutional Republic of ours is a federation of sovereign states, the governors are […]