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lap lab

GG and female #4. Pretty hard to not be happy around puppies. To touch these babies … finer than silk more precious than gold.

Martini arrives

Missy came home yesterday evening with her “Baby Martin”, 3/4 Martin or, as I offered up, Martini. Missy likes the name. It is likely to stick. She LOVES the guitar. It draws her to picking, strumming, studying and playing. It is a pretty little thing and sounds nice. Even Scooter seems to be happy to be nearby when Missy is picking away. Of course Scooter always likes being near Missy any time she isn’t bustling about and banging things around. If Martini is what it takes to get Missy to keep still, Scooter is going to really like Martini. […]

signal flags

Bob’s boat name in signal flags Bob’s boating pictures

Hotel California

In the 90s, I knew something was wrong, but it took me to the end of the decade to recognize that I fit a culture that was not in California. THE STATE was at war with me, and the majority of the voters therein were just fine with that. I voted with my feet. I moved to Idaho. Ahhhh … Much improved. I finally speak the native language. A dozen years later we were able to go one step better. We aren’t the only ones who find the upper Bitterroot to be magical. There are so many good, aware, balanced, considerate people here. We keep meeting more; making great new friends. This is what a community of humans is supposed […]

my baby

My baby and hers ten hours old I have to admit, some new things are dang clever. This “birthday zero” thing is one of them. Of course a home birth changes the rules (for the better, obviously). I love and treasure these people. Thank you “kids” for sharing with us as best you can. . Now I really have a hankering to go join in the game of Pass The Baby. […]

Welcome Dash

ode to Opie

I was looking here for a photo of The Greatest Dog I ever had, being quite surprised that I had not posted one here. Newfoundlands are designed to be sweethearts… the AKC breed standard uniquely includes loving and devoted to people or it is not a Newfoundland. Opie was at the small end of the standard, being rather indifferent to food, but he surely must have been at the big end of loyal and affectionate. Of course large dogs have the advantage of little to fear, but these guys were designed to lay about in a North Atlantic fishing boat for hours-on-end, then provide prodigious strength, instinct and intelligence in whatever quantity was needed. Absolutely easy to get along with […]

I do

The best decision I ever made is summed up in this photo. It was taken by my Mom on December 24, 2001 on the Golden Gate ferry running from San Francisco to Larkspur. A new friend, Mik Beatie, did a wonderful job with the proceedings. He was the head captain of all the ferry captains. His delightful sense of humor, quips about us and sage wisdom marked an outstanding ceremony. He is standing here with the new Mrs. and Mr. Dunlap.