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rare letters to legislators

I found myself in the unfortunate position of having to screw up my courage just to be a messenger. Some of you look at my web-posting history and think I passed that threshold years ago. Yeah, probably. But this morning it seemed I crossed another. I sent e-mails one at a time to each of the committee members and to “my representatives” even though it is against my morals to beg politicians to do the right thing. I guess I found the middle ground with the messages I sent to members of the committee considering the current abomination. To the PRO- Health Care Exchange: You are at one of those rare pivotal moments in history. Hundreds of your neighbors will […]

our lives, fortunes, sacred honor

Paul Harvey produced a fine video on the signers of the Declaration of Independence. It is useful perspective for us facing a similar situation today. Paul Harvey The Declaration of Independence signers Sometimes, in speaking to fellow travelers on this path of understanding and struggle, I say with honesty and without bravado, that we are in a way fortunate. We are at that rare point in history where men’s spirits will be tested. We are at a turning point in the evolution of man and his societies. We stand on the threshold of a reniassance in liberty against a formidable foe. (Oh, I write better than I speak, but I try to say that, anyway.) Other times I look fondly, […]

enemy of your enemy

An enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. That sharp cookie I sleep with pointed out that no sooner than I write critically about those who cast stalwarts over the wall onto the enemy’s side (see “casting aside“) than I do it myself with “near the right track“. As always, she makes me think. The enemy, the real serious enemy we face today is not so much the elitists who would turn us into an England where looters, muggers, punks and robbers are making everyday life subject to random violence. The foolish Brits imprison anyone who posesses or horror of horrors, applies effective means of self defense against one or two hoodlums. Meanwhile, they, with quick-release policies and […]

near the right track

For years he paid for the website, maintained it and a facebook page with a modest following. Suddenly Tony finds his meetings overflowing two increasingly large venues in a row. He is invited to be ONE OF the speakers at a January gun rights rally. Instead of his regular handful, the capital rotunda is overflowing. I’m famous. They have discovered my truths! …(He thinks)… His message has always been about open and concealed carry of hanguns for personal defense against one, two or three bad guys. The world has suddenly changed, but Tony hasn’t. He even recognizes that the banksters have created a soon-to-burst economic bubble and many people will turn to looting as a means of survival. Knowing the […]

223 Day

In an e-mail, a friend asked me how I was going to celebrate 223 Day. Holey smokes! I hadn’t put THAT particular piece of information in proper perspective. The moment I read it, the numerical representation of Saturday’s date jumped right out at me. First, to fully appreciate it, you have to realize that .223 is the most popular rifle caliber sold today. Nearly all of the AR-15s that have in recent years churned out the doors of every major rifle manufacturer in the USA are chambered for .223 (or its nearly-interchangeable relative 5.56 Nato). This is also the same rifle that is The Enemy of The State and all such rifles, and components of them, are nowdays sold out […]

opsys upgrade

My laptop was losing it… now wireless, no printer, no calendar/planner, aging version of Linux… The DREADED time to deal with it arrived. In case you were curious, that’s where I have been. It’s kind-of like arming myself with a machete and plunging into a darkened room of unknown size and shape full of monsters and goblins bent on my destruction. I have come out the other side, more than a little tired of dealing with computer problems, but otherwise visibly unscathed. My wife says, “You took notes so it will be easier next time, RIGHT?” You gotta be kidding. I hacked and slashed, kicked, screamed, bit, ducked and slashed some more. I’m thrilled to be done. Notes? Notes? I […]

posting day

I put up a bunch of stuff today. Right here I introduced The Constitutional Sheriffs Association, who is building county-by-county, state-by-state. There is no requirement to BE a sheriff. The requirement is that you SUPPORT a constitutional sheriff. They are trying to build county-by-county associations across the USA. I think it has great potential. Over at Kuna Idaho .net, I wrote about my problems with The Pledge of Allegience finally getting a solution … a new pledge that is similar in nature but a whole lot better for knowledgeable patriots: the pledge In response to a question I received via e-mail, I wrote about the Sheriff Purity Test. Sonme folks get it in their heads that if somebody doesn’t embrace […]

join the Constitutional Sheriffs

The Constitutional Sheriffs Association is building county-by-county, state-by-state. There is no requirement to BE a sheriff. The requirement is that you SUPPORT a constitutional sheriff. That is, if you have one in your county, you are willing to stand WITH him (her). If you don’t, they you are working with those who would replace your current office holder with a real sheriff. That’s if there is time. If not, you are willing to be a part of the posse that does the job the sheriff should be helping to do. Check out their website here: Constitutional Sheriff’s Association I don’t know how it will blend with, work with the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer Association, but that one is designed […]